Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kami Blackburn McKee

Wow 10 years....that's so crazy how fast the time has gone by. Well
here goes nothing.......After Graduation I bummed around for the
summer and moved to
Utah in August. I lived in Utah for 2 years, mostly playing ball,
growing up, learning A LOT about myself, and attending class
occasionally ( just enought to keep me eligible to play ball really).
After that I decided to not play ball anymore and moved back to good
ol' Rexburg. I found a job cleaning houses for the upper class in
society, made good money and played hard. After getting sick of the
commute back and forth from Jackson to the Burg I found a job working
at Artco as a CS Rep...money not so great, but it paid the bills. I
played harder and then decided maybe I should try to go back to
school. I went to ISU's extended campus and then BYU-I......missed
more classes than I actually attended. School just wasn't my thing I
guess. I met my "Man" and best friend Clayton McKee in 2005 through
a good friend of mine. We dated for about a year and decided that we
didn't want to live without eachother so we got hitched. We were
married on Dec. 1, 2006 in beautiful, freezing, windy Rexburg. We
were sealed a year later to the day in the Salt Lake Temple. We lived
in Pocatello for 6 months and then moved to his Grandfather's
farm/ranch in Inkom. There we lived in a crappy little trailer for
about 3 years. But it was free so I can't complain too much. I
learned how to chase and brand cows, drive a tractor and all the fun
stuff that comes with farming and ranching. The funny thing is I
really loved it. We are hoping to build up there in the next few years
on our 2 acres that his Grandfather gave us....well moving on... we
were able to do some traveling with the dough we were saving on rent
and Clayton was able to finish his schooling during that time too and
became a Journeyman electrician. I worked at Highland High School
first with Emotionally disturbed kids and then as a teachers aid in
the Special Education classrooms. Very hard but very rewarding jobs
at the same time. We welcomed our daughter Afton Leona in 2010. It
was about that time that we decided that we should probably up our
living standards for her sake. We bought our first home last year and
are loving it. It has a huge backyard that Afton loves to play in.
She loves, loves, loves being outside. She's a spunky little 2 year
old, and she keeps me on my toes. She's so full of life and so much
fun. I'm so lucky that I get to be her mom, she might feel
differently one day however. We just added to our little family in
March with the birth of our son Clayton Bridger (AKA Clayt) He's such
a sweet little guy, and his smiles just melt my heart. We are loving
life and having so much fun. We are so, so, so blessed! The past 10
years have been the best and it makes me so excited for the next 10.
Can't wait to see ya'll

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Jill Hancock said...

kami i had no idea you had any kids! so glad you'll be a the reunion!

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