Monday, June 11, 2012

Jennive Maxfield Miller

Hey all! I’m loving this blog! It makes for great reading during a 3am baby feeding.  

Like a good handful of us, I went to BYU-I upon graduation. My first year there I spent having too much fun playing and not enough time studying. By my second year I was bored and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Luckily one of my good buddies from the old days, Daniel Miller (he went to South Fremont), was still around and we started hanging out/making out and in March of ’04 we got married.

After that things got crazy. We lived in Rexburg for a year playing and working. Then Daniel took a job as an iron worker for a company in Utah and we started living out of suit cases. Within a year his job took us to Mesquite, Honolulu, Denver, and Battle Mountain, Nevada. While in Nevada, Daniel crushed his hand sheeting a building and had to work out of their office in Utah. During his time there, they found out what a genius he is offered him a job as an estimator so we left the ‘Burg and moved to Sandy, Utah.

During that whole time, I was taking classes online trying to figure out what to do with my life. I changed my major too many times to count. I finally graduated after 4 years with an Associates of Applied Sciences (pretty much nothing). In Utah, I took a job at Lifetime Fitness as a pool manager for almost 2 years before our first little dude was born.

Mason was born in September ’08 and Madilyn (Madi) was born in June ’10. I loved being able to stay home with the kids and just be a mom. While I was pregnant with Madi we started playing the “what if” game. We realized that if I ever had to provide for my family, my associates degree in nothing wouldn’t really help me much. So when Madi was 4 months old I went back to school and graduated last May as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I have been working at the Grand Spa at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City ever since and really love what I do.  We expanded our family this past March when Burke was born. It was nice to stay home for a few weeks with the kiddos and play house again but it was time to head back to work.

We decided early on in our marriage that we wanted to make as many memories as we could with our kids so we have spent a good part of the last few years traveling. We were able to go to Spain before Mason was born and since then have been to Disney World 4 times (with our 5th trip planned for this fall). We head home to Idaho to visit family (and get out Gringo’s fix) at least once a month. We take at least one trip a year to Yellowstone and try to go camping as much as we can.

To shed some unwanted baby weight, I started running. Daniel and I have done a few races together and we like to include our kids in the runs as much as possible. Last July, Mason was able to finish a race with us. The smile on his face was amazing.  The past 10 years have gone by faster than I could have imagined.  Reading about everyone’s lives has been a blast! Keep it coming everyone!

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Jill Hancock said...

loved the update, jennive! i had NO idea what you were up to (other than the fact you had kids and had cut your hair short)!

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