Saturday, June 2, 2012

Austin and Sydnee Rasmussen

Well a lot has occurred in the few years that we have been out of High School, and it sure is fun to hear what everyone has been up to. After graduation I continued to poor concrete and attended a year of school at BYU-I. I then served in the California Ventura mission, which was a great experience as has been echoed by many of you. While on my mission my parents sold their home and built a home in Rigby where they still live. After returning home I continued my education at BYU-I, still doing construction among other things and even got to spend a whole summer in Pismo Beach doing an internship. My parents’ neighbor did her best to set me up with ward members or random waitresses that she’d meet, and I thought it was just because she liked me. As it turns out she was trying to get me married off before I found out she had a smoking hot 19 year old daughter. Well it didn’t work, I married the farmer’s daughter 3 years ago the day I graduated from BYU-I. I’m not sure I’ve become the favorite son-in-law yet, but I don’t think I’m at the bottom of the list anymore either. 
The first summer we were married Sydnee finished her Associate’s at BYU-I and I worked in Jackson, and that fall we moved to Boise to start graduate school. It was quite an experience and my sweet wife has been the bread winner in our family for the majority of our marriage thus far, but I am doing my best to make up for lost time. Our studies have given us the opportunity to travel a little bit and see some fun things. While Sydnee was pregnant and just after Raleigh started to crawl, we lived in Fairbanks for a month and a half. I also moved to St. George and later Twin Falls by myself for a time and drove home whenever we could afford it. Fortunately I bought a sweet old car from a little old lady who used it to go to the Post Office for 20 years, and it got superb gas mileage. Even more fortunate, I married a sweet wife who has worked very hard to keep the home fire burning often on her own. 
The night after graduation last fall our son was born. 3 weeks later we moved to Western Washington, about 40 minutes outside of Seattle, where I work in a busy Emergency Room in Tacoma and another smaller but equally busy ER in Federal Way. It’s funny, I spend a lot more time dealing drugs and with blood on my hands than I had ever imagined I would when I grow up. It is unfortunate that my fear of pain thwarted my promising career as cage fighter or a professional bull rider. But, we have a pretty good gig right now, I get to see and learn a lot, and really shouldn’t complain. 
Sydnee is finally at home where she loves taking care of the kids full time, and is still smoking hot. She works very hard to take care of all of us and is the only thing that stands between us and complete anarchy. Raleigh is almost 2, got her Momma’s great looks, and is our little pistol. She keeps us super busy, but is very sweet and helpful to her little brother. When she was still just 18 months old it was not uncommon to hear Heath cry and then stop, only to find that she had gotten a bottle off the counter and was feeding it to him on the couch while they watched Phineas and Ferb. She kisses him on the head every night before bed, and then she bites him every once in a while, just to keep him in line I suppose. Heath is our bruiser. He gets his charm, athletic build and great looks from his mom, and he gets his hairline from his dad. The only thing larger than his appetite for exploring his world is his appetite for eating it, and he is one happy little dude. It’s incredible how fast time flies and how fast these kids grow, as mentioned before, Raleigh is almost 2 and Heath will be 1 in August. Just the other day I watched Heath stand up on the couch and reach out and swipe an Oreo right out of Raleigh’s hands, and when she reached to get it back he spun and lunged to the ground as he loaded it into his mouth. It was good watching. We’re having so much fun we can’t hardly stand it right now, and we count our blessings of health and happiness every day. I hope this finds you all well.
Austin, Sydnee, Raleigh and Heath Rasmussen

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Jill Hancock said...

so you're saying you're a dirty drug dealer, eh austin? well, well, well! great to read your update! hope to see you in july!

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