Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emily Head

I will have to agree with everyone else that the past 10 years have gone by so fast! After graduation, I got to spend the summer up in Stanley, ID (close to Redfish Lake, for those of you who know where that is) working and enjoying the beauty of the mountains, lakes and hiking. That's how I spent most of my summers in college. :)  Soon after, I started school at BYU-Idaho in the Fall semester. I started as a music major, but soon realized that even though I loved music, it was not what I was supposed to major in, so I soon switched majors to Family & Consumer Sciences Education (although I still took many music classes and participated in the BYU-I Symphony Orchestra).  I absolutely loved my time in college and all of the experiences that I was able to have there.  In the spring of 2005, I decided that I wanted to serve a full-time mission for the LDS church, so I started on the paper-work that summer.  I also completed an internship at Island Park Scout Camp as their Trading Post Director that summer before I left on my mission! It was so much fun to work up in the beautiful outdoors! I was called to serve in the China Hong Kong Mission, and I left for the MTC in September 2005.  I was there for 3 months learning the Cantonese language, and couldn't wait to get to Hong Kong.  I absolutely loved my experiences and my time in Hong Kong! I returned from my mission in March of 2007, and then went back to school in the summer semester at BYU-I, I continued to go to school and graduated in April 2008 in Family & Consumer Sciences Education.  
I got my first teaching job in Star Valley, WY teaching at Star Valley High School and Middle School in Afton, WY.  If you have never visited this part of the state, it is one of the only beautiful places in Wyoming!  I was teaching Culinary Arts at the High School and Home Ec classes at the Middle School.  I had a very busy schedule and hardly had a break all day (even my lunch break was normally spent at the grocery store and traveling between schools) but I loved my time there, and made many friends that I consider some of the best people in the world!  But even though it was a great job, I was discouraged that in a town of 1800, there was not many single guys my age, since they were all in college somewhere else, and after being set up on some pretty awful blind dates, I pretty much gave up on the whole dating game! But the Lord had a different plan for me, since one of my neighbors down the street had a son (Jason Head) that she gave my number to.  Jason called me and asked me out on a date on Valentine's Day. (I know it is totally cliche, but it was an awesome date!) We went snowmobiling to Granite Hot Springs, and ended the day by making dinner together, and watching movies.  I guess you can say that we hit it off, because after dating for only a month and a half we got engaged April 1st and were married on July 1, 2009 in the Rexburg LDS Temple.  We spent our 1st year of marriage in Star Valley, where we both worked, and then decided to start our little family by getting pregnant with our first daughter.  In July 2010 we made a big move to Pocatello, ID where I taught at Highland High School, and Jason continued his education at ISU.  We welcomed Rebekah Ruth into our home on December 6, 2010, and she is such a joy to have in our family! She is super busy all the time, and was walking by the time she was 9 months old.  She is 18 months old now and can already say so many words and some short sentences! We love her so much! She is going to be getting a little brother in September, and we are so excited to be welcoming baby #2 into our family this fall! In November of last year, Jason was offered a position back in Star Valley to finish his Electrician's Journeyman, but because I was still under contract with the school district, it would mean that we would only see each other on the weekends.  It was a very hard decision to make, but ultimately we decided to take the job because it would allow me to finally stay home with our little ones. So after 6 months of temporary separation, we are finally back together again here in Star Valley, WY. I also became a Mary Kay Consultant in the middle of all of that and I am enjoying the freedom that it gives me to keep my priorities in the right place, and still earn an income.  We just bought our first home, and we are loving this time in our lives! 
Its been great to read about everyone's lives these past 10 years!  

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i hope you'll be at the reunion, emily! congrats on baby #2!

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