Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brian Jacques

Not sure why everyone is complaining about being so old. I don’t feel old at all. Actually, people ask me everyday if I am still a teenager. I will now attempt to sum up the last 10 years in a few paragraphs...

After we graduated I found myself in China teaching English to preschoolers and meditating in the surrounding mountain areas. A year later I served a mission in Dallas, Texas, speaking Mandarin Chinese. It was very fantastic.

After two years of sharing the good word with the native Chinese Texans, I went to school at BYU-Idaho. I got sick of that pretty quick so I ran off to China again, but this time to attend a semester abroad. After a few years of traveling around and finding myself, I found my way back to BYU-Idaho. One cold Rexburg winter, I realized there was also a BYU located in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

I transferred to BYU-Hawaii soon after and got a degree in International Business. Since I never actually studied a day in Hawaii, I spent all my time (years and years) surfing the waves and jumping off waterfalls. In the evenings I worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center as the only white boy drummer. Then the best thing happened, I met my wife, JoLyn, (we met in the ocean) and we were married a few years later.

We now live in Southern Utah where I work for the Government (sorry, can’t really talk about what I do on a public blog). In my free time I spend my evenings trying to get a start as an underground freestyle rapper known as “Professor B”.  

Much Love and Aloha,

Brian Jacques



Oh are not nearly young enough looking (anymore) to keep riding that old are a studly looking hombre now, don't kid yourself!

B-Jacques. said...

Oh Dalling Family... I guess you can look like a studly hombre and still be mistaken for a Teenager. Yesterday I was long-boarding home from work and I stopped to help a lady pick up some papers she dropped. When I handed her the papers she said, "thank you young man, most teenagers would have kept on going." So I am pretty sure the joke book says I can keep "riding that old joke" since it is still actually happening in my life. Take that Dalling Family.

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