Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jaxon and Megan (McBride) Anderson

Hey all y'all!! It's been a while since Megan or I have seen or spoken
with many of you. Some of you may know our story, some of you may not.
I had a major crush on Megan McBride our senior year... she was the
talented, beautiful, acting, singing, skateboarding, dancing chick
that I thought was pretty untouchable for a band/choir/health
occupations geek like myself. But I FINALLY (as Megan would say) asked
her to our commencement dance and it was pretty much history after
that. We dated and went to college at BYUI together the summer after
we graduated, and then I went on an LDS mission to Germany/Austria.
The mission didn't go quite how I planned and ended up coming home
later that year. The next year was a blur filled with interesting and
trying experiences (such as breaking up with Megan on R mountain,
working construction, etc...). We ended up getting back together, were
engaged in March of 2004 and got married in the Idaho Falls temple on
August 14th of the same year. Meg finished her Bachelors degree in
secondary mathematics education and minored in american government
while I got my associates degree in nursing. I started working at
EIRMC on the cardiac unit and Megan did some substitute teaching for
Madison and Rigby school districts. We bought a trailer right behind
the high school and acquired a little Shih Tzu named Minnie, and lived
there for a couple years. We had our oldest child, Courtney Rose, in
June of 2007 and I started my bachelors in nursing. I graduated in
2008 with my bachelors in nursing and we moved down to Idaho Falls. At
that same time, I also transferred to the ICU at EIRMC and worked a
second job with Creekside Hospice. In August of 2009 we welcomed Azely
Marie into our family. After much contemplation and prayer we decided
to move to Raleigh, NC in January of 2010 as I began applying for
graduate school. I worked in a large level one trauma center in
downtown Raleigh (WakeMed) until I luckily got accepted to the Raleigh
School of Nurse Anesthesia/UNC -Greensboro. What an experience it has
been living in hot humid NC!!! We have frequented the beach as many
times as our limited budget allows, learned how to cook on a charcoal
grill, and many other things that this area and the south has to
offer. Megan is currently pregnant with our third child (a boy which
has been temporarily assigned the name of "g-money") and is due on
July 15th. I will be finished with my clinical residency on August
18th with my masters degree in nurse anesthesia. We will then be
headed back to the motherland and I will be working at St. Alphonsus
Medical Center (St Als) in Boise. We've had many great experiences
together and hope to have many more!! Due to financial constraint and
the fact that Megan is ready to pop we will not be able to attend the
10 year reunion. Hope all is well and hope to see some of you soon!

Jaxon, Megan, Courtney, Azely, G-Money, and Minnie

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