Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paige Walker Telford

I am very excited for our reunion and can't wait to see everyone!  After high school I too attended BYU-I and graduated with Health Science/Public Health.  I was engaged when I graduated from college, and my fiance` still had 1 year of college to finish, so I attended the new Paul Mitchell Beauty School which had always been an interest of mine.  My husband and I finished all of our schooling in 2006.
I married Mark Telford in 2005.  Mark is from Dietrich, ID (which is near Twin Falls).  After we were married I was looking through some of his high school graduation pictures and realized that Sheldon Horn also graduated from Dietrich.  I remembered that Sheldon had left before our Sr. year, but it was a crazy thing to have "shared" a classmate.
Mark and 4 of his brothers own and run several farms throughout southern and central Idaho.  They also stay busy with their cattle ranch and trucking businesses.  After our schooling Mark and I lived in Paul, ID just north of Burley, and about 4 years ago we relocated to Arco.  I have enjoyed being closer to my family and friends in Eastern Idaho, but more importantly we are glad to be out of the WIND!  I used to think that Rexburg was a windy place, but soon after moving to Paul I realized that Rexburg is pretty mild.  Luckily Arco is tucked away between 2 different mountain ranges and we rarely have strong winds.  I love to hike and be outdoors, so Arco is a really great place to live.  We have a ton of cool things to do here and I really love living in the mountains.  Our home is actually on "Number Hill" and I mostly just think it is weird that the graduating classes paint their numbers on the mountain, but to each their own.  (Some people think it is weird that we spent all sorts of money buying butterflies for graduation ;) )
When Mark and I moved to Paul, the farming operation was in transition of office management, and I took over as office manager. I have learned a lot about accounting, taxes, and bookkeeping in general; and now I am pretty sure I should have taken accounting classes in college instead of Health Science! I continue to work as the office manager remotely from my home office and travel to Paul once a week for the things that just can't be done from home. The house we bought in Arco had a salon in the basement, so I have enjoyed taking on a few clients when I have spare time.
Before I had kids I also liked to help in potato and beet harvest.  My husband taught me how to drive a manual 10-wheel truck.  It was fun to be with my husband during those long harvest days and feel like I was helping out (or at least providing comic relief because of my crazy mistakes).  Most days I am just pretty shocked that I married a potato farmer and live in Arco.  I would never have imagined that this would be my life when I was in high school.  I remember some of our classmates who drove cars with potato licence plates and thought that was a cool thing, and now I finally have a reason to have a potato license plate myself.
In 2009 we had a daughter, Sicily.  She is almost 3 years old and she keeps me on my toes!  In 2011 we had Paxton, and he will be 1 in a few weeks.  He has red hair but is minus the "red-headed personality".  He is very calm and relaxed and mostly an easy going baby.  We love having both a girl and a boy, and they keep us laughing and running all day (and night)!  Overall life is great and we are a happy family of four!

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