Monday, May 28, 2012

Jennifer Adams Brizzee

Ten years, insanity, I'm pretty sure I am still 16 years old.  Anyway, after high school I got to go to Africa for three weeks with my sister, it wasn't anything selfless- just something we always wanted to do ever since we saw Power of One- and it was amazing.  After I got home from that I started attending BYU-I, which I loved.  It seemed to be pretty much an extension of high school, which I was completely fine with. I can't remember too much of those years until I started hanging out with TJay in 2004.  T Jay was the same age as my older brother Jake and we are the same age as his younger brother, James.  T Jay and Jake were roomates up on campus, and because T Jay was dating someone at the time who was off track and in California he figured he would hang out with Jake's little sister and that would be fine. :)  I soon convinced him that I was the one for him.  We were married in March 2005.  We added Hope to our family in 2006 and in 2007 we moved to Florida where TJay started attending Physical and Occupational Therapy School.  That same year we added Olivia to our family.  We loved Florida and were right on the coast, so the beach was just a few minutes away.  A big change from Idaho.  We finished up with school in 2010 and added Nixon to our family that year as well.  T Jay got a job here in Idaho Falls and we have finally settled down after 7 years of marriage and around 8 moves (yeah, I can't remember exactly, too many).  Tessa just came to our family this last February and we love where we are in life right now.  Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion and it is so good to hear from you all. 

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