Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chance and Alisha Bell

After graduating high school I continued to work at Wal-Mart in Rexburg until March of 2003. I then served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until March of 2005 in Paraguay. I loved it and I loved the people. I returned home a changed person.

Upon my return I began working with my dad at Bell Builder’s Supply, and I began attending BYU-Idaho, majoring in Psychology. During the fall of 2005 I met and fell madly in love with the most wonderful women in the world, Alisha. She and I were subsequently married in January of 2006. In March of that year I began working at Melaleuca, Inc. using my newly acquired Spanish speaking skills.

In October of 2006 our first son, Mason, was born. During the next year Alisha and I attended school and raised our little boy. We added a surprise girl to our family in January 2008 (a surprise in the fact we didn’t plan on having her, not a surprise that we all of a sudden had a baby. Alisha obviously showed when she was inside her. J ). Her name is Kinbree.

During our time in Rexburg we made good friends and had a great time, especially in our church wards. At the end of 2009 I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, and in the summer of 2010 Alisha graduated with her Associates degree, and had our third child, Anson (not a surprise). Four weeks later we moved to Spokane, WA, and I began attending Gonzaga University. I am now finishing up my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, and we are moving to Tallahassee, FL this summer to begin a doctoral program in Marriage and Family Therapy. We are excited for a new adventure and for living near the beach, which I have only seen once in my life (it was cold, rainy, dark, I had 5 minutes, and took place 2 months ago).

The best part of the last 10 years has been my wonderful and amazing wife. Without her I could not have made it to where I am today. I love spending time with my family, and just having fun and being silly. There have been many ups and downs throughout the last 10 years, but we have been able to make it through them. Much of the strength I have had during the hard times, especially while serving as a missionary, came from a loving Heavenly Father.

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