Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jill Hancock

howdy, howdy, howdy high school peeps! this is jill hancock (aka jill hancock). 

feliz diez anniversario son las escuelahan de la madison! 

as you can tell, i am fluent in spanish which i attribute solely to the dora the explorer language program. profe bowen (circa 1999) was really a spring board for my interest in pursuing espanol. who says you don't learn anything in high school? 

an update on me: i am the oldest i have ever been in my life and look pretty much exactly the same as i did 10 years ago (okay, so i'm way more attractive now but that would be vain to admit). i dug up my western roots after wearing some kind of weird scarf they called a "hood" in a formal ceremony and then hitch-hiked to the east coast where i take all of my meals and sleep and sometimes work. my gold medal moments in the past decade have included: reading and watching the entire harry potter series (that was a lot of pages to read), being on live national television a bajillion times (ESPN baby!), and becoming fluent in spanish (as mentioned previously). as you can see, its been a pretty busy 10 years since Y2K, I mean 2002. i'll give all you bloggers the somewhat elaborate and exceptionally dirty details at the class reunion in july. until then, M-A-D-I-S-O-N, Madison, Madison Madison!


Beth Willmore said...

Jill that seriously made me laugh SO hard!

Jill Hancock said...

just keepin' it real, beth :)

Mel Eppich said...

Jill, you crack me up! Maybe you can teach me your spanish skills cuz my hubby won't! I'm excited to get the full story in July :)

Jenni said...

You are hilareous!!

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