Monday, May 7, 2012

Beth (Parker) Willmore

Wow it's hard to sum up the last 10 years of your life in a few paragraphs!
After graduation I immediately started school up at BYU-Idaho and really
enjoyed college. In August of 2003 I married Jared Willmore (surprise
surprise) who was a year older than us in school. 

Jared is a corporal for Madison County Sheriff's Office and loves his job.
We bought a home out here on the Salem Highway (north of Rexburg) and
have lived here ever since (with my horses of course!) 

I graduated from college in 3 years with my BA in Organizational
Communications and started working full time at Beehive Federal Credit
Union as the Human Resource Officer. 

We had our first baby, Megan in May of 2006 and since she was the first
grandchild on both sides of the family she was spoiled rotten. She was a
hard baby, but now she's a fun almost-6 year old. She's very girly but
loves to ride horses with me. I'm glad I finally have someone to ride
with since Jared doesn't like horses! 

Our little guy, Parker was born in June of 2008 and I decided that I
wanted to stay home with the kids. Parker was a pretty mellow baby but he
is quite the handful now! He'll be 4 next month and he is as wild as they
come. He always has a funny comment for me and is constantly in trouble
for one thing or another! 

When we had Parker, Beehive worked out an arrangement with me so now I
work from home as a supervisor for their human resource department and I
love it! I'm also a Mary Kay consultant and I earned a free car 2 years
ago and I love getting to raise my own kids instead of sending them to
daycare since now I'm a "work from home mom"! 

Our little caboose Mason was born in May of 2011 and he is such a
sweetheart. He's happy to be chubby and just go with the flow. He just
started crawling and now is getting into everything! 

Life is wild and crazy with 3 kids under the age of 5! 

We're excited that the kids are a little bigger this year and we're
looking forward to doing some boating and horseback riding and just
enjoying the sunshine without being pregnant or having a brand new baby in
tow (like it's been for the last 6 years...)! Life is good and it's
amazing at how much life has changed in the past 10 years!

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Beth- your family is beautiful! I woul dlove a blog invite!

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