Monday, May 14, 2012

Matt Blomquist

It’s been a lot of fun to see what everyone has been up to these past 10 years! I, like so many of you, have had a great and eventful 10 years!

After graduation I spent a couple of years working in construction while saving up for an LDS mission. In Sept 2004 I left on my mission to Riverside California and had a great experience there! After returning home in Sep 2006 I started school at BYU-I in Jan 2007. I worked in construction off and on between my classes and enjoyed college life. For the summer of 2007 I went with a friend to Phoenix, AZ to sell security systems for APX Alarm. The summer was long and hard but I had a lot of friends with me and it all paid off in the end! I then went back to school to continue studying Construction Management. For the summer of 2008 I went to SLC, UT to sell security with APX for one more summer. After the summer was over I decided that I had enough of summer sales and went back to school.

In January 2009 I met the most amazing girl I’ve ever known, Sarah Busick from Columbia Falls, MT, and we were married in August that same year. Sarah graduated from the Business Management program at BYU-I in 2008 and had a full time job in Idaho Falls, so she continued to work and put me through school. We bought our home in Rexburg 3 weeks after we were married and enjoyed home ownership! For summer 2010 we went to Sacramento, CA for an internship, and enjoyed our time there.

On January 22, 2011 we were blessed with our amazing daughter Maja Jayne Blomquist! (Pronounced Maya, but spelled the Swedish way!) In April 2011 I finally graduated from BYU-I with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and an Associate’s degree in Architectural Technology. We then went to Nampa, ID for a second internship to finish up the requirements for my degree. In June of 2011 I accepted a job offer as an estimator for very large industrial construction company, TIC The Industrial Company, (a subsidiary of the Kiewit Corporation) in Bakersfield, CA and on July 16, 2011 we left our home in Rexburg and made the big move to California and have been here ever since.

Maja is now almost 16 months old and is as full of life as ever. She’s a petite little 16 pound girl, but that doesn’t stop her from running all over the house and terrorizing everything she can get her hands on! We love watching her learn and grow. Sarah is now a full-time stay at home mom and we are currently expecting number two at the beginning of November! We are so excited for our new little one and love being parents!

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