Saturday, April 21, 2012

Peggy Shipley Pratt

Hello everyone, well the last ten years have been an adventure in deed. well after high school i worked for Deseret Industry there in Rexburg. I helped them moved to the building they are at now. when they had they grand opening my sisters told me it looked like Walmart when BYU-I is getting ready to go back to school. I worked there until I went on an LDS mission to Omaha Nebraska. I left to go to the MTC(Missionary Training Center) on November 24,2004. While I was in Nebraska i got to see ruts in the ground that where made by the LDS saints that come to the Salt Lake Valley. They were in a members back yard. 

I got home from my mission May 4,2006 and after being home for two weeks I got a job in Island Park, Idaho at this private club called The Flat Rock Club. My mother was making a chefs coat for the chef her name was Genny and i guess my mother was talking to about me and that is when Genny asked if i wanted to work there as a prep cook. i told her yes i would love the job. that next week i moved up to Island Park From May to October. There was about three other girls that lived there besides me and we all lived up above the kitchen there. Drove an hour home back to Rexburg Saturday night and and came back Monday afternoon. Along with the job prep cook we cleaned the kitchen set the table the proper way with the dinner fork and the salad fork and the two spoons and the knife. we learned how to do that a long with how to pour wine and what cups red wine went in and what cups white wine went in and where to set them on the table with the plate and spoon, knife and fork. We did that for breakfast and dinner but for lunch we gave them sack lunches which was apart of my job and they had to be ready before 7 in the morning; so i got up at 4:30 in the morning depending on how many guests were there. when we weren't cooking we got to do yard work, repairs to the cabins, some house keeping and anything else they had for us to get hours. when we weren't doing any of that we did our own thing. one night we had a moose come up to the kitchen window and we all went stone still, later that night we had a grizzly come to the kitchen Luckly no one was in the kitchen at the time. While working there i got to try Halibut, Baked Alaska, Lobster, and lots of another fun stuff. the stuff that had alcohol add to it after it has been cooked Genny asked us if we wanted to try it before she had the alcohol. I worked there for two seasons.

After working there i came down to Utah to go to school at Utah Valley University (UVU) and I lived in Orem November of 2007. May of 2008 I did the Disney Collage Internship. I left for Florida in may and Disney provide us a place to live and transportation to and from work and Walmart and other places. I was the only member where I lived and worked so that was fun felt like I was on my mission again because I was always getting question about why I did what i did sometimes. I worked at EPCOT in the World Show Case in America at the restaurant called Liberty Inn. I had so much fun at Disney because when you weren't working you got to play in any of the parks for free. I got to know Magic Kingdom ant EPCOT like the back of my hand because the monorail connected the two parks; so if you worked in the morning you could play in the parks early in the morning and take the monorail to work. Disney has four parks which are Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. I had a lot of fun there. When i was living in Florida my parents were on an LDS mission in South Dakota. My friend Kellen and I went to walmart late at night and then my sister texted my friend kellen and told her to have me call my mother now. After calling my mother I had found out that she had called the Florida police on me because she can't get a hold of me. When she couldn't get a hold of me she called everyone else in the family to see if they heard from me. My mother told me that they was a girl that called her and she sounded like me and the girl sound like she was in distress and she tried to call her and no one answered the phone and then when she couldn't get a hold of me that is when she started to worry. After i had talked to my mother she called the Florida police that she had found me. After that night i was told to keep minutes on my phone or my Brother - in- law was going to use his military resources and fly to Florida and stuff me in a duffel bag and bring me home.  I loved spending New Years Eve their because the fire workers show they had that night was AWESOME! My program ended January 2, 2009. 

After I got home i went back to school and in July I moved to Spanish Fork, UT to live with my Aunt. I meet our Husband in my singles ward. In August of 2010 we started dating and then we broke up for 6 months. Then January 2011 we started dating again and then got engaged April 23,2011 the day before Easter. He proposed with an Easter basket, he put my ring in an Easter egg. We were married August 18, 2011 and have been married for 8 months now.

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