Friday, April 20, 2012

Ben Brubaker

10 years! Wow. Right after High School I went on an LDS mission to Baltimore Maryland. I was pulled off of my mission 4 months early and went to Iraq with the Idaho Army National Guard for an 18 month deployment. While deployed a friend gave my email address to Melissa Taylor (going to school at BYUI). Melissa and I wrote each other for the last 6 months I was in Iraq. When I got back we started dating and were married. Melissa grew up in California but her parents moved to Rigby while she was at BYUI. 
When I started my degree at BYUI Melissa was just finishing her degree in Health Science. The first few years of marriage were tons of fun. We went to Alaska and worked in the tourism industry, we worked as Apartment managers at Sunrise Village in Rexburg, worked at a 5 star resort in Montana called Paws Up and became apartment pet people owning two little dogs. 
In December 2009 I graduated with a degree in Communications from BYUI. For 9 months of 2010 I was on active duty. After some time in Mississippi I officially left the country in November. The 2010 to 2011 year was the hardest of my life. On my first deployment life was free and easy but this time I was a married man. Melissa did really well while I was away. Before I left we had moved to Twin Falls Idaho. She worked in the health department at St. Lukes. I had big plans to work on a Masters Degree in Public Administration while deployed but was only able to complete 3 credits. 
I got back from Iraq in September 2011. For the last 6 months Melissa and I have been in Holladay UT. In March we had our first baby! Peter Holtman Brubaker. He is now 5 weeks old. I have great plans for this little guy. We are now preparing to move to Northern California where I will manage my father’s grocery store. We had 6 years of a fast paced and exciting marriage and are now looking forward to settling down.   

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